This is a brand new blog about Sexism, discrimination and abuse towards women, I am trying to put forward articles that highlight all the things we face today as Women! I really want to Empower Women and give them a Voice a stage to put there stories, experiences and opinions across.
This blog will allow you to do just this,I want women to feel free to post anything they want to so that we can all suport and Empower each other.

I will be posting articles on a whole range of topics from sexism and discrimination in the work place, but sexism happens to us every where even in own homes,I will also cover Domestic Abuse and Violence, sexual assault and Abuse, I will post advice on were to get help if your affected by the topics I post, I also am open to you posting articles that you think will help women, feel free to post events for women.

I will be posting events that I know about for Women to attend as well.

I hope you get the idea about what the blog is about,please ensure like and follow my blog so that you get updates on new articles that have been posted by myself and others , I am aiming to get as many likes and followers as posibe, so we can unite together .

Thank you for viewing today


Sarah k Nottingham


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  • This is another news report about a women being fired from her job for exposing a man for making sexist jokes on a works dongle , the man was not fired its a regular patten if its a man in charge will the women all suffer ? What’s your opinion ? Do you think it’s fair ? Have you seen any more stories like this ? Has it happened to you maybe any comments welcome I’m researching this subject for a project I’m working on called WOLAN at the Nottingham women’s centre so all comments , stories , links anything you think will be relevant to this subject please blog it take a look at this storie let me know your opinion thank you sarah from Nottingham .



  • http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03/25/adria-richards-fired-donglegate_n_2948161.html

    Another storie about a women being fired for reporting sexist jokes on a company dongle yet again the Man was not fired !!

    What’s your option on thus subject ? Have you been a victim if this ? Or do you know anybody who has been bullied at work with sexist jokes ?

    I want information on anything to do with sexism in the work place or on social media sites like face book

    Look forward to your blogged.

    Thank you sarah Nottingham


  • This is another news report found on line about a women fired for reporting sexist jokes on company dongle yet again only the women was fired for reporting misuse of company dongle but not the men responsible , what’s your opinion in this and sexism in general ?


    Read and reply with your opinion please I’m new to blogging so hope you like the site snd will help me with my research

    Thank you

    Sarah Nottingham


      • It will never happen , there are thousands of stories like this , now I have got a laptop I will post a lot more articles and get more into blogging , I’m new to this so it’s not perfect but I hope I have enlightened some people to what’s happening out there to women in the work place , sexism is really serious issue ! Affects women more than men ! Fact !


  • This is a photo that was posted on Facebook of a famous singer it’s not a sexist joke but its a photo of bionce getting dressed in private its bit something we need to see yet Facebook allow this to be on there site why ? Is it because she’s a women ? What’s your opinion please

    Take a look and comment please

    Thanks Sarah Nottingham


    • Well Beyoncey is gorgeous so people are going to want to see her getting undressed! Same as people want to see Robbie Williams getting undressed (or whoever tickles your fancy)
      I think personally it just comes with fame… all that. But no it’s not right. Everyone should have privacy.


    • Thank you Carrie , really glad you think so , if you would like to contribute at any time maybe a song that empowers women and picks us all up or a article then plz do post it on the blog !

      I hope your well and thank you again for the comment , have you liked and followed the blog ? If not yet plz make sure you do next time here xxx bless you lots if love Sarah k Nottingham xxxxx


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