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Protest to get more women into science !

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

This is something I don’t know much about , but it’s an interesting article , just shows that only a 3 rd of women are scientist and only 9 percent if the professors are women !

There is a protest to get more women accepted into science and high paid jobs .

Women are always paid less , less likely to get a promotion over a man in a make dominated industry ! That’s a fact !

Shocking isn’t it ? Even if the women is better suited the man will almost always win the fight , I’m not being sexist I am stating a fact in my opinion anyway that is , it happens a lot all over the world , it’s getting better but it still happens .

Have you ever experienced this ? Have you come second place to a man ?

I have , when I was 17 , I worked in a pharmacy and I was the best candidate for the job , but the job went to a un trained , un skilled , man who had only worked for the company a matter if weeks in the stores department ! That’s right people , I was fully trained , worked hard , done all the shit jobs and he walked in the door and got the cheery pie !

Oh well I’m living prof it happens !

What’s your views on this topic of sexism ?

Have you come second place to male for a job ?
Or have you witnessed it happening in your places of work ?

Please share your opinions !

Click link and read

Thank you


Football “hand bags at dawn “

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Well this article refers to 2 premiership football players fighting like 2 women who have had to many becardi breezers over a man !

Shocking why would you say this , it became storm on twitter caused mayhem amongst women , but gets worse also sexist comments were made live on air about women’s ability to play football .

You just have to read this article and leave your comments .

Look forward to your replys about this .–handbags-dawn.html

You story 3 has been accused by feminists as being sexist to wards women .

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

I have just read this article in the independent about toy story 3 being sexist and violent towards women , they say it gives children the wrong message and glamorises sexism and violence as entertainment ,and it’s women who are always bear the brunt if the jokes .

Has anybody seen this film ?

If yes what’s your views ? Is it sexist and violent toward women. ? Does it give children the wrong impression ?

I would like to know , I intend to watch this movie and extend this blog and I will fill you and let you know what I really think as I can not comment at this stage , but it seems Feminist groups think it is very sexist in a hidden way .

Read the article ! Watch the movie and comment if you have seen it , I’m very interested in this article now .

Thank you

Word “chicken ” used to describe a women !

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Well I was shocked to read this , a women in Paris was heckled off by men making chicken noises ,as she was speaking in a parliament meeting in Paris , there is a video to watch with this , I will let you make your own minds up .

I was shocked ! What’s yours views on this very aggressive display of sexism to wards women .

Sexism in the music industry “sexy sells” but it’s women who are used as porns !

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Charlotte church spoke out about how she was forced to start wearing revealing outfits in music videos when she was aged 18-20 years old, sexy sells so they say , it it fair to make women like Charlotte dress in something sexy and revealing if they are not comfortable ? They don’t make men do the same , they get a lot of young half naked women to sex up there videos ! Mmmm I could go on all day about this , it’s not suitable for the younger age group of children who watch these music videos ,and then they want to dress in un appropriate clothing for there age , or they get eating disorders trying to look , what the music industry say is “sexy” .

What’s your views on this type of sexism ? Are women be exploited ? Are women being brained. Washed into thinking its normal ?

What is sexy ? A well dressed curvy size 14 women or girl or a size 6 half dressed women ?

I know which I prefer !

What do you think ?
Read article and leave comments below , I would be very interested to hear your views on this as it’s very interesting .

Thank you

Sexist comment about men being better than women at bridge & chess at BBC

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Here’s a prime example of sexism , then when they are shamed about what they have said they say it was tung n cheek !

What does that mean?

Read this and comment if you think enough was done about this ?

Do you think he was being sexist or was it a slip of the tung ?

Do you think sexism is sexism or just a slip of the tung or tung n cheek ?

Your comments are needed for my research in to what we really think !

Thank you click link to read .

Thank you for your support !

Published October 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

I would love to thank everybody who has looked at my blog , it’s still under construction , it’s a work in progress I am very new to blogging .

I only have a phone at the moment so it’s not perfect , I have just purchased a laptop and touch pad tablet , so I will be able to make my blog much more interesting .

But I have had lots if views from all over the world so I’m very touched , but not many comments so I need to improve it , any suggestions would be very welcome .

Thank you

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