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Watch “Mary J. Blige – No More Drama” on YouTube

Published November 30, 2013 by pumpkin2207

This is my favourite song that high lights surviving domestic abuse and violence, I think it a very empowering song and I feel Marys pain in the words  , let me know what your favourite song is and why , share the sings with on here , I would love to hear them .

Enjoy this song , let me know what you think below , I look forward to your songs

Thank you Sarah K Nottingham


Watch “Rape Awareness (640×480).mp4” on YouTube

Published November 30, 2013 by pumpkin2207

This is a brilliant video to raise awareness of sexual assault ! It does contain images that some people may end upsetting , so just bare that in mind before viewing this video, it contains some figures about sexual assault in the USA and south Africa !

Take a look I found it interesting but upsetting as I have survived sexual assault , I reported it and I feel strongly about advising women or men to do this , even if you don’t get a conviction you will feel more empowered by this , its not your fault , contact rape crisis for help support and advice on what to do and to get counselling that is very important to help you heel .

I hope this helps somebody !

Thank you Sarah K Nottingham

Female Soldier Commits Suicide After Constant Sexual Harassment – koreaBANG

Published November 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

This is a prime example of a women being sexually harassed at work, she complained reported it But it still continued, she was a victim of sexism and sexual harassment at work , she was affected by it and it affected her mentally and physically to the point were she felt she had no were to turn and she committed suicide , which is very Sad and my thoughts go out to her family and friends.

I think more needs to be done to protect women and also support them in very stressfull times like this, it is a very hard thing to deal with being bullied and harassed sexually daily by a male colleague or boss, it should be taken seriously , it should be a criminal offence as this women lost her life because of sexism and harrassment, this shows it does affect your mental state and it does kill women!!

I hope this did not upset you all to much as it really chocked me up, its very sad , more needs to be done!!!

Had you been affected by this as well? Have you been bullied or sexually harassed at work ? Do you know somebody who has ? Have you lost a loved one through bullying or harrassment?

I would like you to share your stories , thoughts and opinions  with us !

Thank you Sarah K Nottingham

Sexism is bad for your health | Croakey

Published November 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Sexism is bad for a women’s mental state , I completely agree with that there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable, feeling be litted and small and if it dine on a daily basis and you are bullied by a man especially. I think that women can experience sexism from there own partners at home, everything that goes wrong it must be you because your a women, that can have a very serious effect on somebody’s mental state, they feel on edge all the time, even jokes made at you because your blonde or over weight anything really.

Sexism and bullying come together a lot in the work place and sexual harrassment as well, some women have been fired from there jobs because they reported the sexism and harassment or they will not sleep with there boss, or because she stood up for herself, that could cause health problems stress, depression, money problems even death! Women have taken there own lives dye to being bullied or harassed in the wok place or at home !

Sexism I believe to be a cause if mental illness if a women is exposed to it n a daily basis for a long period of time, what’s your views on this? Have you been affected by this issue ? Do you have mental health problems caused by depression from being bullied at work by a male colleague? Or do you just know about mental health and want to share it with us on my blog?

I would love to learn more about this side of sexism, please share your thoughts on this topic of discussion on my blig .

Thank you Sarah K Nottingham


Published November 29, 2013 by pumpkin2207

I need you to share your experiences, thoughts and stories about sexism and women’s issues , maybe you have a top tip on cooking , make up , anything you think we would llike to hear . I need your jokes , images , stories , advice , comments . I am new to blogging I see I have had lots of views but no comments , if you view my blog say hi introduce yourself , if you are from a different part of the world then share your views on sexism or women’s issues and how it is in your country for women , share your favourite reciepies anything really this is a fun blog for women to get together and break the stigma of sexism , also you can highlight different issues , I want you to help me grow my blog as I am feeling a bit lonely on here with no comments ! 

i would like to know if your not enjoying my blog, or if you are then let me know , stop me from feeling alone here ladies ! 

i can’t wait to hear from you all , I started this to support women and to learn more about how women feel about sexism , domestic abuse and violence , sexual aassault and abuse and some if the good stuff like women’s achievements , strength’s , and thoughts on things , a bit of humour and advice sharing , so I can use this fr my research for a women’s history project so I can see how women have progressed over the last 30 years , also to inform you all MRE bout what is happening to iwomen in the world everyday , and also to learn about sexism and he it differs and affects women in different country , then I hoped we would learn from each other on my blog.

I hope this gets you all more interested in my blog and you know a bit more about why I am doing it, looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Thankyou Sarah K Nottingham 



Make a donation to Rape Crisis for men & boys

Published November 28, 2013 by pumpkin2207

If you would like to buy a gift that somebody really needs this Christmas , then donate to rape crisis for men & boys ! Just £5 is the cost of 2 coffees , 1.5 pints of larger , or a Mc donalds, instead of buying these think about helping somebody get the help and support they need after being sexually assaulted this  Christmas , make it possible for them to get the counselling they need, or pay for the price of a call to the help line , they could do so much more with that £5 .

Please help , make that donating to a brilliant charity !

If you decided to make a donation after reading my blog then let me know , I would love to thank you personally , please share this post help raise awareness and raise some money for such a great charity !

Thank you

Sarah kershaw Nottingham

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