Sexism in Sports

Published November 28, 2013 by pumpkin2207

Here are lots of different articles on one page about sexism in sports against women , there’s a bit of everything here it is a good article to read if your in to sexism in sports against women !

Not to much to say really just it s well with a read ! I think women get a ruff ride in all sports , particularly male dominated sports like football, rugby, boxing, cricket , but the shocking thing is that the women’s team do very well in the uk for England in football , cricket and Rugby but is not really promoted even in the news it gets about 2 minutes , you hardly see f in the front page if the papers , they should get the credit they deserve for playing for there own country !
They don’t get paid no were near the same as the men do , they do the same job , the same sports ! Were all guilty of going to watch Chelsea men’s team BT not the Chelsea ladies ! Arnt we ? But I think we should all make a effort in 2014 to go and see at least 2 games if women’s sports , let’s get women’s sports in the map !

If your going to do that , leave a comment below , I would love to see your names on here ! Go on go see your local ladies play football or rugby or even a boxing match anything just support the female race in there fight against sexism in sports ! Try raise there pay as well if you support them it will get better !!!!

Just take a look and leave your comments below if you got an opinion n women in sports and sexism , maybe you play a sport and you have experienced sexism or you may have an opinion on this is general would love to hear from you , sure you will have something supportive to sy for women in sport !

Thank you Sarah K Nottingham


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