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Published March 9, 2014 by pumpkin2207

Here a little treat for you a great article from one of my followers đź’™


Sarah k

SoshiTech -


An empirical experience of why there are gender disparities in technology

Every so often a male programmer who would otherwise posit themselves an rational intellectual offers some psuedo-scientific evolutionary psychology theory as a rationale for why the ladies just can’t seem to cut it in the tech world like the guys. I get a little chuckle each time this happens because I’ve had the rare experience of having been a programmer who was perceived to be male as well as being a programmer/techie who is perceived to be female. My life experience has taught me the somewhat painful lesson that gender disparities in tech aren’t really the result of ancient hunter-gatherer gender roles extrapolated into modern times. Unfortunately, it’s mostly about good ol fashion sexism.

I’m a transgender woman. In highschool I didn’t yet know such a concept existed, so I dealt…

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Inspire Change: 2014

Published March 9, 2014 by pumpkin2207

This is a great blog really enjoyed reading it xx thank you for linking me to your article x I have followed u and hope u do the same so we can keep connecting with lots more articles about women xxx

Thanks again

Sarah k Nottingham xxxx

Anna Goes Ashore

International Women’s Day 2014 Theme: INSPIRING CHANGE

Women’s equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.

Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme for our global hub and encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way. It calls for challenging the status quo for women’s equality and vigilance inspiring positive change.


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Women’s day ! Take a look what’s been going on today

Published March 8, 2014 by pumpkin2207

Take a look at the international women’s day website , it shows you all the great things that have been going on today in honour of women’s day !

We need to keep this going for many many many more years infact it should never stop ! It needs to get bigger and better , if you didn’t celebrate it today then pencil 8 march 2015 in your diary and do something exciting next year in honour if women ! We need to unite and stand up against all the crap we take sexism , violence , discrimination , sexual violence and assault , being unsafe on our streets and much more !!

Make 2015 better and bigger than women’s day 2014 !!

Happy women’s day Ladies hope u all had a great day !

Enjoy this article take a look at what went in today gets some ideas for next year if you didn’t do anything this year !! Make sure you do next year !

Thanks for reading today

Sarah k

International women’s day theme information !

Published March 8, 2014 by pumpkin2207

Here is some great info for you it lists all the themes for women’s day going back as far as 1911 when the first women’s day was launched !

Take a look it’s fab


Happy women’s day

Let me know what you did today below . Don’t forget to give us a quick follow if you can before you go today , thank you for visiting today .

Sarah k

Equality for women is progress for all !

Published March 8, 2014 by pumpkin2207

This is what the strap line for international women’s day 2014 “Equality for women is progress for all ” think it says it all really !

Here is a little article showing how women in Santa Monica celebrated international women’s day !

Let me know your thoughts below and let me know what you did today to celebrate women’s day !

Don’t forget to follow this blog today !

Thank you for reading this today

Sarah k

Google makes 80 second video of inspirational women worldwide for women’s day !

Published March 8, 2014 by pumpkin2207

Here is a great little video of lots of very inspirational women from all over the world in honour if international women’s day !

Google greater this great video , also there is some information about women’s , when it started and why it started , I found it very interesting that’s why I have shared it with you today !


Happy women’s day

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Sarah k

International Women’s Day !

Published March 8, 2014 by pumpkin2207

20140308-102810 pm.jpg

Today is our day Ladies ! Let’s unite to put an end to domestic Violence and Abuse , sexual abuse and assault , and just being unsafe in our own homes or on the streets !!

International women’s day every year 8 th March ! Put in in your diary and do something just for you ! Feel good about being a women !!!

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Hope you all had a great women’s day

Sarah k

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